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Acoustic Loop Innovations
 A Small Table
With A "BIG" Purpose
The Hearing Loop Table is an innovative hearing assistive device that can be used within the home setting as well as in many different types of commercial settings.

The table has a self contained loop driver, audio mixer and table set microphones for communication while sitting at the table. Hence, the individuals sitting at the table can enjoy hearing directly to their telecoil equipped hearing devices. For those individuals that do not have telecoils in their hearing devices then a loop listener that has its own telecoil can be used.

This table can be used in the following commercial situations:

  • Libraries
  • Banks
  • Law Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Retirement Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals/Medical Offices
  • Accounting Offices
  • Any other venue in which a one on one conversation takes place

To further expand the use of this Loop Table, it has been designed so that with an additional cable it can be connected to a wireless microphone system.

Hence, its use can now provide a looped signal from a speaker to an audience.

For instance , a professor can now speak into either a wireless lapel microphone or wireless hand held microphone and students with hearing disabilities can enjoy the lecture that is received directly to their telecoil equipped hearing devices with background noise diminished. The signal will be clear and therefore better understood.

This set up can also be easily used in a conference room where lectures are conducted from speaker to audience. 

The Loop Table is made right here in the United States and is ADA compliant so that individuals in wheelchairs can sit comfortably at the table. It is handcrafted of wood with a beautiful finish. It simply plugs into a wall outlet and the individual is in the loop once their hearing devices are set to the telecoil program or a loop listener is engaged.

This small loop table is the answer for many people with hearing loss to be able to hear in a variety of settings.

Everyone with hearing loss should be able to enjoy sitting at a the dinner table and participate in good conversation with family and friends. Everyone with hearing loss should be able to feel confident that they will understand the correct message when visiting their doctor, lawyer, accountant or any other venue where important information must be understood. Everyone should be able to enjoy listening to a lecture or hearing information while in a classroom from kindergarten to college. Everyone with hearing loss deserves the best hearing possible and this small loop table can make that happen with a simple switch to the individual’s telecoil program. 

There are several purchase options available:

Loop Table with 2 microphones built into the table
Loop Table with 4 microphones built into the table
Optional wireless microphone - single rechargeable hand-held or lapel worn
Optional wireless microphone – One rechargeable hand held and one lapel worn

Shipping Charges are additional to actual product cost. Tables are shipped directly from our vendor and charges are geographically calculated.

Each Loop Table is portable and can simply be carried into a different room if needed.

The Loop Table is an affordable option to accommodate those with hearing loss that require hearing assistive devices. The Loop Table can provide the looped experience in a variety of settings where assistance is necessary from person to person or on a smaller scale person to audience.

(For those venues such as movie theatres, houses of worship, arenas, and auditoriums as some examples, more complex custom induction loop systems will be required.) 

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